Why us?

Why should you choose Cypick over the other classifieds sites?
Our team is dedicated to serve each and every customer with the best service. We raise the bar for customer service to a new level. We have more cities covered by our classifieds comparing to most other classified ads sites. The process of posting an ad is summarized in one or two pages. All you have to do is to fill the post an ad page and hit the submit button. We have tons of other features where you can find them by using the site.

There are several reasons for why choosing Cypick as your searching, advertising & dealing platform.

> Great networks potential: 6 million unique visitors per month and growing.

> High visiting rate: 10,000,000+ pages views per month.

> Abundant resources to allow users to search more relevant information from our platform. 500,000+ ads generated and renewed per month.

> 85% successful transacted deals between buyers and vendors at Cypick every weeks.

> High flowing web traffics from search engines and other sites to Cypick.

> 8/10 searching rate with SEO.

> GEO targeting with Google Map for all ad categories.

>Unique URL for every ads with user readable format. So users can send and share our ads links via emails, apps and websites.

>Powerful reader tracking system and accurate views and replies counter.

>Keywords Optimization for all search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and more. Make your ad easier to be found on search engines.

Cypick is an ideal platform to expose your company, brands, products or services. Increasing your business reputation and ensure that you generate greater revenue.

A Featured Listing Ad is mean to promote your listing ad to the top and most viewed areas. It is to make your ad gain visibility and stand out from the crowd. You ad will be place on the most obvious sections of our pages and let more visitors to click on it.

Featured Listing Ad appear on every categories and listing pages of Cypick, depends on location.
Featured Listing also including news feed and promotion emails services which will be sent to all relevant subscribers from Cypick!

How powerful is it? And what is the benefits?

Prominent Featured Link

Web - A Featured Link to your ad appears on over 1,000,000+ page views every single day!       

Email - A Featured Link to your listing ad appears in over 1,000,000+ emails every single day! Appear on auto-notifications, message replies, user registrations, and other emails that our members receive!

GEO-Targeting - By default, your ad is shown across the entire Asia and Europe Countries. Geographic and demographic targeting gives you further improved and relevant results!

Top-Ranking Listing - Your ad ranks right at the top of our Featured Listing Sections and Categories Listing Pages across all countries and sections. It appears on every single page view!

Page Views / Replies Counter - Get a FREE counter. You can now track the number of Page Views and the number of Replies you receive(unless you choose the contact method to "direct phone or email contact",instead of using our "Contact Seller" button, so the deal will directly process between seller and buyer, without recorded by our system).

Search Engine Listing - Unlike basic classified ads, your ad has a unique URL with user readable formay which can be listed in the search engines. Let potential buyers and customers find you easier & quicker through the search engine(e.g:google)!

Automatic Promotion - There is no need for you to promote or monitor your Listing. Our system automatically submits your Featured Listing to more than 150 leading search engines!

Keywords Optimization - Allow you to set a relevant keyword for your Featured Listing to be searched from our Advanced Searching System!

Archive Inclusion for 12 Months  When your Featured Listing expires, it will still remain on our server. Let potential buyers and customers searching on the web continue to find you through the search engines!

Featured Ads packages and pricing are given below.

Featured Listing 30 days @ $5(minumum) - $26(maximum)(Only $0.10 to $0.80 per day!) Depends on category.

All postings are activated in real-time. In the next 5 minutes you can have your Featured Listing up-and-running!
(To upgrade an existing Listing Ad, go to your
ad page and click on the "Featured Listing" button in the bottom of your ad description. Or go to "My Account>My Ads>" look for the ad you wanted to featured, and click on the "Featured Listing" button.)

Thanks for the visit,
Cypick sales team